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Student and Teacher Progress Tracking through Tracker Sheets

Simple data sheets populated by students for progress monitoring


At the end of every day, students set goals for their next session on “tracker sheets.” Lovett then uses these tracker sheets to help students set goals and track their progress. Students use these sheets daily, not only for setting goals but also for determining whether they met previous goals. This enables students to reflect on their learning progress and provides valuable information for the student and teacher to discuss during conferences.

(This Approach is Illustrative of LEAP's Learner Led Strategies)

Student Does

  • Sets daily learning goals.
  • Determines whether they met their goals for the day and why (or why not).

  • Notes difficulty of assignments they are working on and any additional important information (e.g. what was easy, what was hard, etc.).

Teacher Does

  • Reviews tracker sheets daily to better understand what each student is working on.
  • Cross-references tracker sheet information with software program data to better understand how well students are doing on particular skills.

  • Reviews tracker sheet with students during conferences, helps determine any adjustments that need to be made.

  • Checks progress visually throughout the day as needed.

Technology Does

  • Provides online data to cross-reference with the tracker sheet.