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Student-Centered OER Course Design Process

Creating competencies to support the creation of curriculum


Garnet Valley School District, located in Pennsylvania, engaged in a four-stage, student-centered course design process that included an emphasis on using Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Understanding by Design (UbD). This design process included professional learning and an intentional focus on a variety of domains which include:

  1. Instructional Design
    • Educators focus on cultivating intentionally and authentically designed student learning experiences, building interactions, and delivering content in multiple modalities like face-to-face, online, and blended settings.
  2. Curriculum Design
    • To create and utilize focused, high-quality curriculum, district leaders leverage a five-year curriculum review process that includes the understanding by design curriculum framework as the foundation of all curriculum design creation.
  3. Resource Design
    • School leaders continuously collect, curate, and create activities and OER aligned to student learning outcomes.
  4. Course Design
    • Students must be able to access the content in multiple modalities.