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Weekly Formal One-on-One Teacher Support

Planned weekly meetings to review goals and progress, and provide support


The teacher meets with all of his or her students throughout the week, providing both academic and non-cognitive support. Outside of weekly planned one-on-ones, the teacher roams the classroom, looking for students that might benefit from help, and is available for students that are struggling on an assignment as well (so long as they have checked with their team first).



Student Does

  • Meets with teacher weekly.
  • Discusses goals and progress on academic and non-cognitive skills.
  • Escalates academic challenges not solved by team support.
  • Receives academic support as needed.

Teacher Does

  • Provides mentorship in helping students improve self-directed learning.
  • Provides academic support for students that need it.

Technology Does

  • Provides templates for students to track and reflect on growth.
  • Provides template for teacher to monitor progress.

Strategy Resources

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