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Lindsay's Additional Individual Personalized Learning Time

Dedicating time each week to all Learners to fill instructional gaps


Lindsay High School Learners have weekly Personalized Learning Time (PLT). Those who are behind pace can see which Facilitators are offering PLT every Tuesday and Thursday for 90 minutes and sign up for sessions. Learners who are on pace can sign up for elective courses. The last two days of the school year are all PLT’s so Learners who need it can catch up. PLT classes are kept intentionally small, usually limited to about 20 Learners depending on the content area. Learners sign up online. During PLT Learners can work on their own, with a partner, or in a small group (Learner choice).

teacher and student look at a laptop screen

Student Does

  • Signs up for learning activities based on academic need (determined by viewing Empower).
  • Learners who are ahead can sign up for electives.

Teacher Does

  • Hosts PLT and provides support to Learners as needed.

Technology Does

  • Displays PLT availability and locations.
  • Allows Learners to sign up for PLT slots.

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