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Cohort Model Support Systems

Specific supports for professional learning and curating content


Garnet Valley School District has created multiple systems and processes to engage teachers. In order to get teachers started on the Student-Centered Design Process, the district developed a cohort model approach for teachers as they start creating their own curriculum. Each cohort consists of about 20-25 teachers, and is split into subgroups of four to five teachers based on subject area. These subgroups meet on a weekly basis to review, collaborate, and build curriculum.

Entry into a four-stage design process depends on two criteria:

  1. What stage the course is in, in relation to the course development cycle (Instructional Design, Curriculum Design, Resource Design, Course Design)
  2. What stage the teacher is in, in relation to professional learning and course development

The support provided during this time may include, but is not limited to:

  • Virtual teacher coaching with their development partner Global Online Academy coach
  • Meeting with an “e-school liaison,” early adopters and teachers who have demonstrated mastery on all the competencies
  • An instructional coach leading a session on modeling or reviewing a piece of content created together