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Collaborative Planning with Data

Weekly time for teachers to meet, monitor progress, and plan using student data


Locust Grove teachers meet weekly for collaborative planning. Teachers of the same subject and grade level (e.g., 7th grade science) have the same planning time and are able to meet together for about an hour each week. Topics discussed during this time include progress made during the week, areas of work that still need to be addressed, and content and learning activities for the following week. This common time allows teachers to discuss and reflect on data across all students, share ideas and best practices, and work together to find solutions for common problems.

Teachers engage in a variety of protocols to structure collaborative planning time, including reviewing data, planning Learner Pathways, and reviewing student work for rigor. Teachers often review the most recent data sources such as MAP assessments, unit assessments, or formative assessments. During their review, teachers look for common trends and identify areas where students are struggling so they can adjust learning activities and resources accordingly. Teachers also review upcoming Learner Pathways, ensuring that the activities and performance tasks are aligned with the curriculum and enable students to meet their learning targets. Teachers also perform student work protocols, reviewing samples of student work to ensure students are meeting the learning targets with an appropriate amount of rigor.

Teachers at Locust Grove use OneNote to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their planning time. OneNote allows teachers to create a shared document that outlines their agenda for collaborative planning time and includes any notes and resources teachers want to add. The shared document allows teachers to review discussion items from previous planning sessions and ensure they are addressing any outstanding items, as well as making progress towards their goals.

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