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Trailblazer's Cross Grade-Level Teams

Working in teams across multiple grade levels to create more flexibility


Trailblazer recognized that its students were in many different places along their learning continuum, and created multi-grade teams to address this challenge. Teams are split into two main groups, K-2 and 3-5. The rationale behind this division is that K-2 students are predominantly learning to read, while 3-5 students apply their reading skills as more independent learners (reading to learn). Trailblazer also creates opportunities for its second and third grade teachers to collaborate to ensure that the needs of students progressing from second to third grade material are met.

Student Does

Teacher Does

  • Offers individual grade-level content.
  • Allows students who need different grade-level content to move into another class as needed.
  • Allows students from different classes to come into their own class if the content level is right for them.

Technology Does

  • Online programs enable students of different ages but similar learning levels to work together throughout the week.