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Google Calendar for Schedules

Using Google Calendar to manage students’ schedules


Roots employed Google Calendar to meet calendaring needs. Much like adults use a calendar to organize and share their appointments, students’ calendars told them where they need to be and when. Roots developed several custom apps that allowed teachers to more easily schedule student groups, as well as for young students to view a simplified calendar view.

Student Does

  • Looks at their iPad during an instructional transition and determines where they need to go next.

Teacher Does

  • Schedules different instructional methods on students calendars when they have free time (based on need).
  • Checks multiple students’ calendars at once to schedule small group instruction.

Technology Does

  • Google Calendar provides a productive scheduling interface.
  • The What’s Next App, created by Roots, provides scholars with a view of their calendar that can be easily used by a five-year-old.

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