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Multiple Methods of Support

Use of peers, teachers, and online resources to offer choice in support


Multi-aged classrooms and a mastery-based learning system allow students and teachers to identify strengths and challenges along each learning pathway. A variety of learning resources can be built into the PLP, and additional methods of in-person support are enabled by this system.

Student Does

  • Accesses additional online resources for areas of need.
  • Requests help through student mentors, teacher-led seminars, or 1:1 support from an educator.
  • Becomes a mentor in a specific subject area, so other students can approach them for help as needed.

Teacher Does

  • Identifies challenging areas for students and ensures they have additional resources to help them improve their learning.
  • Identifies students that have the skills and know-how to serve as mentors for other students.
  • Leads seminars and provides 1:1 support as needed.

Technology Does

  • Provides students with additional resources, or the ability to find additional resources, in learning areas where they may be struggling.
  • Allows students to better identify areas of need and request help.

Strategy Resources

One-on-One Conferencing Support at West Belden

Teachers at CICS West Belden provide student support through one-on-one conferencing with students. Learn More