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Pre-Unit Diagnostics

Pre-assessments taken at the beginning of each unit to enable mastery-based progression and student choice, as well as promote student growth


Students take a diagnostic at the beginning of each unit to get a sense of which learning objectives they already know and which they need to work on. Students who demonstrate mastery in learning objectives can skip assignments. They can also choose the order of assignments they want to focus on throughout the unit. Students who perform poorly on the diagnostic are still able to show mastery throughout the unit. The diagnostic also provides a benchmark for students to compare against when they are finished with each unit, helping them observe their own growth.

Student Does

  • Takes diagnostic assessment prior to starting a unit.
  • Reviews diagnostic using the Diagnostic Reflection Template.
  • Uses diagnostic data to determine which learning objectives they can skip, marks objectives (or topics) in the diagnostic “to do” list.
  • Sets goals for the unit based off of diagnostic results.

Teacher Does

  • Provides student with a diagnostic assessment before each unit.
  • Ensures student is making correct decisions based on diagnostic data (ex. not skipping something they need to work on).

Technology Does

  • The Diagnostic To Do list provides a template for students to track which goals they need to work on and those they can skip.

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