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Tiered Student Supports

Multiple non-teacher support options to increase ownership of student learning


There are multiple learning resources available for each assignment so struggling students can access additional resources for help. Since students are grouped in heterogeneous teams, and the teams check in at the beginning of each class to discuss their goals, students are aware of the progress their teammates have made and can ask them for help as needed. The classroom expectation is that students will ask teammates for help before they ask the teacher for help.

Gooru Playlist
This is a sample playlist in Gooru.

Learning Collection with Choice Resources in Gooru
This is a sample learning collection in Gooru.

Student Supports
This is a photo of students working together to provide support to each other.

Student Does

  • Looks within the playlist for additional learning resources when stuck on a learning objective.
  • Checks to see which of their teammates have mastered the learning objective they are having trouble with.
  • Asks teammates for help.
  • Asks teacher for help after exhausting all other support options.

Teacher Does

  • Models and provides practice of self-sufficient behaviors for student support, such as seeking out resources or checking with teammates.

Technology Does

  • Provides additional resources for students struggling with a particular learning objective.

Strategy Resources

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