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Tool: Blended Teaching Assessment Tool

Three individual tests that form an objective, validated test of teacher skill in blended teaching to measure and assess high-quality blended teaching skills.


These these three individual tests, developed through a TLA Measurement Fellowship consistently measure four areas of blended teaching competence in a statistically sound manner. These four areas are:

  1. Blending online and in-person learning
  2. Technology-mediated Interactions
  3. Personalization
  4. Real-time Data Practices

In future iterations, these tests will also provide specific recommendations for growing blended teaching skills through links within this book: These tests and this open textbook complement each other since the same evidence-based skills and ideas underpin both resources.

These tests are best used in a formative setting for self-reflection, or to help a district understand where they should put their future efforts in helping teachers improve their personalization, data practices, and technology-mediated interactions. (They are not “summative” exams that test knowledge.) Individuals, school districts, and others are encouraged to make use of these assessments in ways that can inform professional development and guide teachers’ personal reflection. For more information, see Emily's blog post on TLA's blog.


This Fellowship study used responses from almost 200 participants, along with feedback from a prior pilot test and expert reviewers, to create these three individual tests that improve on the original as objective, statistically sound measures of four aspects of blended teaching competence.