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As schools and districts launch new programs and practices, or look to extend existing ones, they often face a critical question: how will we know if it works?

At the same time, educators and leaders often want to know what the research says. When the field of research spans from peer-reviewed journal articles to practitioner-facing publications, it can be difficult to understand how to find credible, actionable information.

Implementing evidence-based practices, and identifying opportunities for improvement, requires coordinated action. Researchers, practitioners, administrators, and other stakeholders from diverse roles across school systems and support organizations all play a role in measurement projects.

At The Learning Accelerator (TLA), we understand that schools and districts might require a measurement project for a number of reasons:

  • To explain why something might be occurring (i.e., different patterns of student progress);

  • To explore a trend or phenomenon (i.e., adult wellbeing or student engagement in virtual settings); or

  • To understand the efficacy of an instructional strategy, new academic program, or piece of technology.

Unfortunately, research and practice often exist in silos. Educators and leaders look for what they hope works best for their students, and researchers design and measure programs that may or may not fit classroom realities. We also recognize that measuring what happens inside of schools can be complex and nuanced, so we believe in collecting and examining both quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (stories) data. Finally, we believe that research partnerships – where schools, systems, and organizations form long-term partnerships with research teams – exist as one solution to these challenges.

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TLA Research Reports

Over the years, TLA has deeply engaged with a number of topics, measurement projects, and partners in K-12 education, ranging from other national organizations to local schools and districts. Learn more about what we’ve discovered by reviewing our reports below.

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