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Virtual, Hybrid, and Remote Learning Research

Explore TLA's research around virtual, hybrid, and remote learning


The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected American K-12 learning, forcing nearly every school to address virtual, hybrid, and remote learning in some fashion. Improving our approaches to teaching and learning in these environments is a critical lever for ensuring that schools can continue to drive equitable outcomes for every child.

Strategy Resources

Report: Driving Quality in Virtual & Remote Learning - A framework for research-informed remote experiences for K-12 learners

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the landscape of American K-12 learning. This document summarizes... Learn More

White Paper: Launching Forward: Leveraging pandemic innovations to advance school systems

This white paper release from The Learning Accelerator is a companion piece to our Hop... Learn More

Literature Review: Helping Each Learner in the Here and Now: Strategies for Addressing Unfinished Learning

This literature review serves as the contextual foundation for a broader examination of learner progress... Learn More

Report: Learning Found, Not Lost - Examining Learner Growth and Supports in LUSD During and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

To examine the impact of COVID-19 school closures on their own learners, Lindsay Unified School... Learn More

Report: Perceptions of Learner Behaviors and Actions During Personalized, Remote Learning: An Analysis of the Instructional Look Fors in LUSD

This research report examines the experiences of learners in a remote environment, investigating data collected... Learn More