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Roots' Leadership Support for Academic and Tech Innovation

Shared executive responsibilities to allow teachers to focus on teaching and learning


At Roots, the Executive Director and the Director of Operations and Innovations assume different responsibilities to ensure strong leadership on both the academic and technological fronts.

The Executive Director is able to set up systems and structures for developing and improving instructional and cultural practices. One of the key responsibilities for this role is to ensure the human capital model and resources match the desire to create personalized and mastery-based learning. This role also collects feedback from teachers around challenges within the current system, and works in conjunction with the Director of Operations and Innovation to problem solve so teachers don’t have to.

The Director of Operations and Innovation manages the facilities and operations to ensure that teachers do not need to worry about non-academic issues that can still be disruptive to teaching. Because operations enable instruction, this role works closely with the Executive Director to ensure that operational undertakings have a net positive impact on student learning. This approach allows teachers to focus the large majority of their time and energy on content delivery.

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