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Master Schedules for Coordination

Creating a simple and effective system to coordinate students’ schedules


With so many elements of differentiation, Roots had to be very focused in how it kept track of students’ schedules. The team had a few simple rules to help make sure that teachers were not double-booking students for the same time period:

  • Humanities teachers had priority over students’ morning schedules.
  • STEAM (STEM + Arts) teachers had priority over students’ afternoon schedules.

Teachers had until Wednesday evening of each preceding week for priority scheduling of students. Any student times open after that could be booked by any teacher.
This method is simple enough to remember, but effective enough to ensure that teachers can set up all of their crucial meetings, groupings, and lessons. It also creates enough flexibility so teachers can book students multiple times throughout the day if they need extra support in an area (assuming they have some open time).

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