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Roots' Assigned Staff to Lead Independent Work Time

Habits of Success teachers to monitor independent work to free up content experts


Teachers at Roots have differentiated roles. Student independent work time in the Grove is led and monitored by the Habits of Success Teachers and Fellows that lead direct instruction in the morning and coach throughout the day. This frees up the Content Teachers to provide small and large group instruction, while also ensuring that students working independently are on task.

Habits of Success Teachers are responsible for teaching scholars the non-academic skills they need to be successful, and spend a large part of their day coaching scholars as they use these skills while engaging in self-directed work. Their first priority during this time is to ensure students are where they need to be, then that they have engaged in their learning activity. After that, they are able to help students individually for academic issues, such as being stuck on a math problem.

Habits of Success and Content Teachers communicate throughout the day to make sure any learning issues identified are addressed as quickly as possible.


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