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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

Student Choice Over Path, Place, and Modalities

Students choose assignments and learning resources to create a more personalized learning experience


Students choose what they’re learning, when they’re learning, and what they want to focus on each day. Students are encouraged to move through the dashboard in a linear fashion but don’t have to do so. There are often multiple learning resources (~5 per objective) for a specific objective (e.g., visual, text-based, video, and bilingual) and students are able to choose the content that works best for them.

Learning Collection with Choice Resources in Gooru
This is a sample learning collection in Gooru.

Weekly Student Planner
This is a sample weekly planning sheet from the Google version of the LPS student dashboard.

Diagnostic To Do List
This a sample Unit To Do list, which a student fills out after completing a diagnostic assessment.

Student Daily/Weekly To Do
This is a sample weekly planning sheet from the Google version of the LPS student dashboard.

Student Does

  • Chooses path, place, and learning resources best suited to them.
  • Takes diagnostic for unit of choice.
  • Reflects on diagnostic results and identifies at least two things they want to work on and puts in their “to-do” list.
  • Determines which assessments they can skip based on diagnostic results.

Teacher Does

  • Allows students to choose the sequence and pace of instruction, as well as learning resources, that work best for them.
  • Provides students clarity about which learning activities all students must complete and which activities students can skip by showing proficiency on the diagnostic.
  • Provides prompts and supports for students who could potentially be making better learning decisions.

Technology Does

  • Provides a multitude of learning resources for students to learn from for a particular objective.
  • Provides a complete list of learning objectives and units that students can work through in their own way.