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Real-Time Data Use

Blended and personalized schools create systems and routines to continuously monitor progress to tailor learning activities. Beyond just collecting and looking at data, educators, students, and families to ask “what next?” and identify specific actions - including interventions and extensions - based on the data to deepen learning. Elements of data use include:

  • Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Record of Progress
  • Monitoring and Sharing
  • Planning Time
  • Action Planning
Large chart showing 2nd graders Lexia progression by week


Assessment refers to the different ways - methods and tools - educators and students use to reflect on, evaluate, measure, and document readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or learning needs. 

Screenshot of data by student and group shown on projector at front of class

Data Analysis

Data are collected and reviewed to identify patterns and learning trajectories at the individual and group levels. This analysis allows educators and students answer the questions “what happened?” as well as “how do we know?” to inform further stages of data use.

Screenshot of software on laptop recording student progress

Record of Progress

A record of progress (sometimes referred to as a “learner profile”) shows an up-to-date record of each student’s individual strengths, needs, motivations, and goals.

Photo of teacher sharing data on screen in classroom

Monitoring and Sharing

As data are collected, analyzed, and compiled, educators, students, and families engage in an ongoing monitoring and sharing process to set goals, change plans, and stay on track.

Photo of teacher working on laptop with screenshot and hands showing and another student in background

Planning Time

Educators and students set aside concrete blocks of time to look at data, set goals, and plan.

Screenshot on laptop of planning software

Action Planning

Once data are analyzed, educators, students, and families use the insights gained to identify specific, concrete steps to address progress.

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